The Eric Hall Memorial Foundation

The mission of The Eric Hall Memorial Foundation is to provide assistance to all veterans and their families in the “HOMEFRONT FIGHT.”  The “HOMEFRONT FIGHT” is the one many combat veterans are fighting today.  Many suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder/traumatic brain injury and chronic pain.

Eric HallThe goal of the Eric Hall Memorial Foundation and the “HOMEFRONT FIGHT” is to provide a means for veterans to work through the Veterans Administration system to establish them in the system for any present or future combat related illness and to bridge their transition from the war zone to society.

The objectives are to first, be a voice to the injustices that our veterans suffer when trying to get assistance through the VA system; second, by assisting them through the system; and third, by establishing the “Eric Hall Safe Place.” 

The “Safe Place” would provide a place where veterans and service members could go to get the help they need not only in their suffering with PTSD/TBI, but also in their struggle to adjust to life after their valiant combat service to our country.  The goal is to provide vet-to-vet mentoring by someone who knows first-hand the struggles of PTSD/TBI, chronic pain and adjusting back to civilian life.

The Eric Hall Memorial Foundation has already hosted several fundraising events for the “Eric Hall Safe Place,” and more will be held in the years to come.  The Foundation is also in the process of launching a nationwide public service campaign to help it accomplish its mission.

Eric’s parents, Kevin and Becky Hall announced on March 12, 2008 their mission to inform the world of the debilitating effects of PTSD/TBI.  This was also the day they stood before  local and network media to tell them that the remains found in a remote Florida culvert by Vietnam vet and Marine, Charles Shaughnessy were those of their son, Cpl. Eric W. Hall, USMC.

Eric went missing on February 3, 2008 from his aunt’s home near Punta Gorda, Florida where he was staying after moving from his hometown of Jeffersonville, Indiana.   That afternoon, he left his aunt’s home while experiencing a “flashback” to the day (June, 2005) he was seriously injured by a remote detonated IED, (improvised explosive device) while on foot patrol in Fallujah, Iraq. 

 Nearly 20 surgeries helped heal his body, but no surgery could heal his mind and soul.

The Eric Hall Memorial Foundation was founded in Eric’s memory by his parents to help other combat veterans suffering from PTSD/TBI. Chronic pain and other readjustment issues.

The Eric Hall Memorial Foundation was founded in July, 2009 in Jeffersonville, Indiana and is a non-profit organization under IRS rule 501(c)(3).

The Eric Hall Memorial Fund was established in June of 2008 in cooperation with the Charlotte Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Port Charlotte, Florida.




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